Important Terms of Payment Options

We accept online payments via Visa, Master Card, Amex, Diners, Maestro, Rupay, as well as, Net Banking, Wallets & UPI.

We provide two payments gateways so customers can choose from the best supported or preferred online payment options.

The two options are seen at the last phase, on checkout page:

Payment Gateway Options at TPS Technologies website

No Cost EMI options

We offer EMI & NCEMI (No Cost EMI) options on both, the Credit Card (CC) and Debit Card (DC). For EMI/NCEMI options to appear, your transaction value & tenure must meet the minimum value required for EMI/NCEMI.

  • ForĀ NCEMIĀ we offerĀ 3 months option only, with a minimum cart valueĀ ofĀ Rs.10,000 [offered with PayU only]
  • Regular EMIsĀ start at a minimum cart valueĀ ofĀ Rs.2,500 [offered with both PayU and Razorpay]

In NCEMI, we (TPS Technologies) bears the interest part on the behalf of the customer, unlike normal EMI where the full interest is borne by the customer.

Please note that theĀ mobile number being usedĀ during EMI/NCEMIĀ mustĀ be registered withĀ your bank. If you see this message against your mobile number "This mobile number is not eligible. Please change the mobile number.", then itĀ impliesĀ that either the entered mobile number is not registered, or the bank has some restrictions put on theĀ corresponding account. In such cases, please reach out to your bank. Optionally, you can keepĀ billing@unitygroup.ind.inĀ in the CC for email communication with the bank.

Payment deducted but order not placed?

Donā€™t worry! If your money got deducted, here is what happens next. Our systems do a nightly reconciliation with your bank and intimate the order confirmation system on the next business day. Post that, either you would get an order confirmation SMS or an automatic refund would be issued that reflects in your bank account in 5-7 working days. So, be assured that your money is safe.

Cash on Delivery (COD)

COD Charges are added to the cart as follows:

  • ā‚¹79Ā for cart value up to ā‚¹5,000 only
  • COD option is not valid forĀ order value more than ā‚¹5,000
  • Applicable COD charges are auto-added during checkout
  • Any COD order that gets confirmed due to a technical glitch but not aligned with COD policies will be automatically cancelledĀ 

Other important points to note for COD:

  • COD payment option allows you to make the payment in cash or UPI/QR Code at the time of delivery.
  • COD payment option is available on selected PIN codes only.
  • COD is subject to service availability in shipping region from time to time. Bandhs, Protests, Pandemic situations may severely impact the COD service. We do our best to fulfil your COD orders on ASAP basis.
  • All COD orders must be validated by customers before they are processed and dispatched. Our system attempts validation automatically by contacting you using one of theĀ available methods: SMS, WhatsApp, Email or Phone call.
  • In situation where automatic validation fails, a manual verification might be triggered, where our support team might contact you to validate your COD order on your registered phone number with us. We DO NOT ask any sensitive information during order validation like CVV, OTP, etc.
  • Pre-paid orders will always be prioritized over that of COD orders.
  • COD is not applicable for select products or product categories. Such orders will be cancelled and an email notification will be sent to customer. Non-COD includes (a) Warranty Services, like HP Care Pack, ASUS Premium Care, etc. (b) Installation Services, like SSD & RAM installation services.

Bank Transfer

Make a direct transfer to our Bank Account using NEFT or IMPS, and then send an email to to assist you with your order.